Exhibition TAKEMOTO Hirofumi -The Art of Fugue-

Sat. 17 Jun. 2023 - Sat. 1 Jul. 2023 14:00-19:00 (no holiday)

  • Opening reception: Sat. 17 Jun. 17:00-(500JPY with one drink )
  • Artist Talk with NAKAMAE Hirofumi(Artist): Sat. 1 Jul. 17:00~(500JPY)

TAKEMOTO defines the globalization of the world as the Europeanization of the world. Western values, which spread from colonialism, have covered the globe over the past several hundred years. In the extreme, there is no longer a non-Western world. A world that has lost its periphery is a world where diverse values have been undermined. Therefore, from a diachronic perspective, Takemoto uses ukiyo-e, with its pre-modern aesthetic values, to create contemporary art as a periphery. By bringing it into the Western world, he aims to bring about a defamiliarization to the world.
(This text was translated by DEEPL)

竹本 博文
1984-1988  Fine Arts Department, Osaka University of Arts
1966  born 
Solo Exhibitions:
2023   “Peripheral Sentiment” Noon Consulting Art、Brussels
2022 “Quiet Chaos” CAS, Osaka
2021 “Counterpoint in art history” CAS, Osaka
2020 “September Steps” CAS, Osaka
2019 “Utamaro Our Contemporary” CAS, Osaka
2018 “People of the 18th century” CAS, Osaka
2018 “Everyone is dead Tokyo” YW Gallery, Tokyo
2017 “Everyone is dead” Enokojima creates Osaka
2002 “Serpent killing” Gallery Yamaguchi, Tokyo
2000 “Sugoroku referee” Gallery Yamaguchi, Tokyo
1999 “Spider’s house” City Gallery, Osaka
1998 “Study for moving around” City Gallery, Osaka
1998 “Mythical time” ABC Gallery, Osaka
1997 “Hiruko’s aesthetics” Contemporary Art Center, Osaka
1997 “Garden of the Serpent” Shinanobashi Gallery, Osaka
1996 “Contemporary art of the emperor’s country” Shinanobashi Gallery, Osaka
1995 “The underworld Pilgrimage” Ban Gallery, Osaka
1994 “Adventure of festival space” Shinanobashi Gallery 5, Osaka
1993 “Art as a magic” Gallery Iteza, Kyoto
1993 “My Origin” Ban Gallery, Osaka
1992 “Dedicating to Toba spriest” Gallery Iteza, Kyoto
1991 “Process poetics” Ban Gallery, Osaka
Group exhibitions:
2023 “Hyakuyou” Galerie Atelier Ⅲ, Barmstedt, Germany
2019-2023 “Pilot plant” Contemporary Art and Spirits (CAS), Osaka
2022 Hirakata T-Site
2003 “Animal Heart” Gallery Yamaguchi, Tokyo
2000 “Tokyo Tatami Space Exhibition” Tatsumi Orimoto House, Tokyo