Schedule of 2005


Exhibitions and events in 2005

Simon Leahy-Clark "From the Lagado Academy"
29 Jan.(Sat)-26 Feb.(Sat), 2005
Open: (Mon-Sat) 1:00pm-7:00pm Close: Sundays and National Holidays
*Opening reception: Mon, 19 Jan., 18:00- (500Yen with one drink)

TENT. Academy Awards 2004
Sat,12 Mar. - Sat,9 Apr. ,2005 Open: Man.-Sat. 1:00pm-7:00pm (Close: Sun. and National Holidays)
Support: The Consulate General of the Netherlands in Osaka - Kobe
IHA Shin "Handance The garden"
Sat,7 May. 2005 - Sat,11 Jun. 2005 Open: Man.-Sat. 1:00pm-7:00pm (Close: Sun. and National Holidays)
*Performance IHA Shin: Sat,7 May., 18:00- and Sat,11 Jun., 18:00-
Opening reception: Sat,7 May., 18:00-
*Performance IHA Shin + MINO Toru: Sat. 28 May., 17:00-
* Artist Talk: Sat. 28 May., 18:30-

+Video Awards 2005
Sat,23 Jul. 2005 - Sat,13 Aug. Open: Man.-Sat. 1:00pm-7:00pm (Close: Sun. and National Holidays)

Sat,27 Aug. 2005 - Sat,24 Sep.
*Artist Talk Sat,27 Aug. 2005 16:00-
*Opening reception: Sat,27 Aug., 18:00-

TOMII Motohiro Selected by AMANO Kazuo (Professor Kyoto University of Art and Design, Art critic)
Sat,1 Oct. 2005 - Sat,12 Nov..
*Opening reception: Sat, 1 Oct., 18:00-
*Artist Talk Sat,12 Nov.. 2005 16:00-
The Third Osaka Art Kaleidoscope "do art yourself"
Organized by Osaka Contemporary Art Center
Coordinated by the Osaka Art NPO Consortium

Exhibition "Reinhild Kuhn" in CAS
Sat,26 Nov. 2005 - Sat,24 Dec.
*Opening reception: Sat,26 Nov., 18:00- (Free of charge)
*Dialog(Artist Talk): Tue,29 Nov. 2005 19:30- (Free of charge)
Reinhild Kuhn(artist), Interviewer:SASAOKA Takashi(artist), Interpreter:TSUKAMOTO Yasuko(artist)

Exhibition "SHIBATA Youri" in Osaka Contemporary Art Center, Room B
*Dialog Sat,3 Dec. 2005 13:00- (Free of charge)
HAGE Taishin(Professor Konan University), SUZUKI Makoto(Businessman,Martial artist) and SHIBATA Yuri(Artist)

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