Exhibition TIMES 2019 SASAOKA Tkakashi

Sat. 23 Mar. 2019 - Sat. 6 Apr. 2019 14:00-19:00 (Close:Mon. and Tues.)

  • Opening reception: Sat. 23 Sep. 17:00-(500JPY with one drink )
  • Performance “The Fox(y Proxy)” by Ilya Noé : Sat. 23 Sep. 18:00-
  • Artist Talk SASAOKA Takashi vs SOGO Hiroe: Sat. 6 Apr. 16:00-(500JPY)

Performance guest: Ilya Noé visual/performance artist-researcher.

Ilya Noé is visual/performance artist-researcher. Born and mostly assembled in Mexico City, she has since explanded her zone of propagation by popping up on all sides of the Atlantic and the Pacific to trace lines and build spaces by hand, on foot, and in collaboration with both human and non-human agents. She now lives and loves in Berlin where was one of the organizers the Month of Performance Art and is one of the founders of the city’s Association for Performance Art. Ilya has presented her work at the 12th Biennale of Shanghai, represented her country in Venice’s OPEN2000, became a UNESCO-Aschberg Laureate, and was a recipient of one of Mexico’s National Young Art Awards. A special guest at both the European Landscape Biennial in Barcelona and the International Biennial of Cerveira in Portugal, her work is represented in European and North American public collections.