Exhibition Solid-Liquid Critical Point Has Not Yet Been Found

Organized by Space Willing N Dealing and Contemporary Art and Spirits(CAS)

Suppoted by THE ASAHI SHIMBUN FOUNDATION and Visual arts, Arts Council Korea(ARKO)

Beak Jungki, Choi Sunghun, Han junglim, Hong Buhm, Kim Siyeon, Park Jihoon, seok ho kang
OHNO Hirochi, KANAZAWA Kenichi, KAWANAKA Masahiro, SASAOKA Takashi, HIRAMATSU Nobuyuki, FUNADA Kayo, NAKAMAE Hirofumi

Date: Fri. 10 Aug. 2018 - Sun. 26 Aug. 2018 12:00-19:00 (Close:Mon.)

Space: space WILLING N DEALINGF2 777-20 Bangbae-dong, Seocho-gu, Seoul, Korea(Map)

Last year exhibision "Spirit from Object - Japan-Korea Exchange Exhibition"


Space Willing N Dealing is honored to present <Solidi-Liquid Critical Point Has Not Yet Found> which will be held from 10th to 26th of August 2018. This exhibition is organized in collabration with CAS, an exhibition organization in Osaka. It was initiated in 2017 in order to strengthen international exchange between Korea and Japan artists. This year, exhibition will be held in Korea, in Space Willing N Dealing. In the exhibition, Korean artists will be responding to each of the works presented by seven Japanese artists.

As you can see in the exhibition title <Solid-Liquid Critical Point Has Not Yet Been Found>, one can expect to see the necessary environment and methodology to make different properties of one another. Various ways to follow the temporal order, or to be simultaneous or crossing, are also linked to efforts to find critical points between Korean and Japanese artists. Japanese artists would present a unique work format first, and they also designate critical points in their own work. In order for Korean artists to find critical points to resonate with their works and to communicate with them.