Exhibition Junglim Han

Sat. 29 Oct. 2016 - Sat. 12 Nov. 2016 14:00-19:00 (Close:Mon. and Thu.)

  • Artist Talk : Sat. 29 Sep. 16:00~(500JPY, include the reception )
  • Opening reception: Sat. 29 Sep. 17:00~(500JPY with one drink )

In my 2014 exhibition “Weaving Dreams”, I portrayed dreams as a drifting illusion. In my 2015 show “Hidden in Slumber”, I visualized dreams by creating a collage of related fragments and images found in our everyday lives.

In this 2016 exhibition “A Room of Her Own”, I took inspiration from a 2015 drawing to create a more detailed image of femininity from the perspective of beauty and brevity.

By sharing her room – one that is intimate, restrictive, and invisible – in an open form, I attempted to transform a sacred chamber into an entirely new universe.

Through the interaction between the desires of “me” and “others”, one can experience a sense of connection, warmth, intensity and longing.

I chose cage crinolines because of the different meanings hidden in their ornamental silhouette, which can be viewed as an exaggerated form of physical beauty. In the mid-19th century, women wearing crinolines could keep men at a certain distance, making themselves unapproachable. In this sense, crinolines embodied a form of protection. On one hand, the bell-shaped skirt is symbolic of female oppression, but on the other, it (perhaps paradoxically) represents liberation. Conflicting values of virtue and promiscuity coexist. The exaggerated, artificial, glamorous garment is a symbol of ultimate femininity. Here, femininity refers to submissiveness, virtue, chastity, delicacy, vulnerability, sensuality, and fertility.

I recreated this inconvenient, yet mesmerizing object, fascinated by its image as a beautiful shackle. In a sense, the willingness to sacrifice comfort for beauty has many parallels with today’s women.

The secretive power and desire concealed in the crinoline reveals itself in the wearer’s dignity.

I hope each viewer comes away with their own interpretation of this enigmatic object.

2003   M.F.A. Tokyo University of Arts, Design, Tokyo, Japan

B.F.A. Seoul National University, Sculpture, Seoul, Korea

Solo shows

Hidden in slumber, Space Willing n Dealing

2014 Weaving Dreams, Space O' Newwall​
2013 Banjul Schale <The resonance of reminiscence>, Space Banjul
2012 Mi,Me, Space B-E
2008 Transcendent Saturation: On Passage, Void Gallery
2008 Transcendent Saturation: Reminiscence Evaporated, Lost Room
2005 On Passage, Small Space One
Selected Group shows
2014   All about materials, Yoonhyun handmade store​
2013 Atmosphere, Space B-E
2013 Pangaea2_continental Drift, Japan cultural centre, Melbourne, Australia
2012 Creative basket, Simone handbag museum, bagstage
2012 Swarovski SS launching show, Seoul convention center
2011 Bad Romanticism, Arko art center
2011 Habitat, Space B-E
2010 Memory scape, Arko art center
2010 10 colors 10 designers of Seoul, Dongdaemun history&culture park design gallery
2009 Breathing in&out, gallery Factory
2003   The Curatorial Prize(Fumio Nanjo), The Fourth Spiral Independent Creators Festival, Tokyo, Japan
Public art
2014   SongDo Green Culture Festival 2014, Stellar tree, Songdo haedoji park
2013 ARKO Public art project: 'A Walk For Differences', Gyeryong city, ChungchungNam Prefecture
2009 Public art project Sabuk-Gohan, Gangwon Prefecture