Exhibition Walking Man

Selected by FUJII Tadasu(Tokyo Zokei University, associate professor)

Sat. 20 Apr. 2013 - Sat. 11 May. 2013 14:00-19:00 (Close:Tues. and Wed.)

  • Opening reception: Sat. 20 Apr. 17:00~(500JPY with one drink )
  • Artist Talk : Sat. 11 May. 16:00~(500JPY)

Erwin Panofsky cite a fixed viewpoint as a condition of a homogeneous continuous work space established in the infinite "DIE PERSPEKTIVE ALS‘SYMBOLISCHE FORM" He points out that it is a heterogeneous recognition based on the perception of space. If there is no other we are trying to figure out if the world as an object, regardless of the method within our perspective ("windows" as a metaphor), from the viewpoint is fixed. Time have been expelled from this space. Howeverin fact, the world is not being understood as pure space. Originally, perspective will continue to move in time. We are recognized worldwide, such as forgetting and repression and its accumulation in folds. Three artists of this exhibition introduces the movement of the viewpoint with the body's own work as an opportunity of formation. It is not anything special.It is intended to be directly connected with the act of walk in life, there is recognition of the world will create a piece of work. And into the world of work with a view from the "window", it is the opposite.World would be that instead of forming a to confront relations being separated from the principal, the principal is included in the world.

1980   born in Niigata pref.
1976   born in Kyoto pref.
1972   born in Kobe city