Exhibition ARAKI Midori M←→m YOSHIDA Minoru

Curated by HASEGAWA Arata, Curator
Coordinated by NAKAMAE Hirofumi, Artist

Sat. 28 Sep. 2013 - Sat. 26 Oct. 2013 14:00-19:00 (Close:Wed. and Thu.)

  • Opening performance: Sat. 28 Sep. 17:00~(500JPY with one drink )
  • GENDAI-KAZOKU performance: Sat. 26 Oct. 17:00-(500JPY)

"It would be important to give something without possessing it. That is "Present-Art"."
(Naka Yuko and Sadahiko "Bijutsu-Techo",1980,5)

A member of GUTAI, one of Expo-Artists, a pioneer of technology art, and a psychedelic artist. YOSHIDA Minoru has been told as such so far. This exhibition is not intended to deny that. But on the other hand, there is no intention to focus on the only subject called "YOSHIDA Minoru".
YOSHIDA Minoru flew to the United States without seeing World Expo in 1970, and he became a performance artist wearing a " synthesizer jacket " . 7 years later. He came back to Japan and met one woman ARAKI Midori, who was still not an artist at that time. She has been the best performance partner for him since then. This exhibition is therefore a two- person exhibition M ( ARAKI Midori ) and m ( YOSHIDA Minoru ) .
They named their house "sky live museum " and identified their lives with art. Sky live museum had a lot of their performances and improvisations. In Kyoto Independent Exhibition 1980, they lived in the museum and Midori gave birth to his son. They also had a second son in 1984.
This exhibition is a two-person exhibition. We hope you follow the tracks of their history in detail and find some clues to think about the interpenetration between art and daily life.