Exhibition KOSUGI+ANDO

Selected by MUROI Eri (Indipendent curator)

Cooperation: IAMAS

Sat. 8 Oct. 2011 - Sat. 29 Oct. 2011 14:00-19:00 (Close:Wed. and Thu.)

  • Opening reception: Sat. 8 Oct. 17:00~(500JPY with one drink )
  • Artist TalkKOSUGI Mihoko, ANDO Yasuhiko and MUROI Eri: Sat. 15 Oct. 16:00~(500JPY)


Born in Osaka JAPAN

1974 Graduated from Kyoto Seika College's Department of Fine Art
1953 Born in Shiga JAPAN
1976 Graduated from Kyoto University, Department of Science
1980 Graduated from Kyoto City University of Art's Course in conceptual art and desitgn
1983 Started to make installation works as a two-person collaboration unit
Solo Exitibition
1983.9   RECORDING NO.3. KIYAMACHI,Gallery ,Kyoto. JAPAN
1985.3  Passage
2. Room . Gallery SUZUKI, Kyoto. JAPAN
3. Passage. Gallery 16, Kyoto. JAPAN
1986.7  The Book Named Veil .Gallery 16, Kyoto. JAPAN
1987.9  Wedding .Gallery 16, Kyoto. JAPAN
1988.9  TOWAZUGATARIi . Gallery 16, Kyoto. JAPAN
1989.7   NINE ROOMS .ABC Gallery, Osaka. JAPAN
1990.1   FLASHBACK .Gallery ARTIUM, Fukuoka. JAPAN
1990.3   FLASHBACK II . Shijyo Gallery, Kyoto. JAPAN
1991.2  STOLEN BODIES . Gallery Surge, Tokyo. JAPAN
1991.7  Interface / Eros I -prototype-  Gallery 16, Kyoto. JAPAN
1993.8   Interface / Eros II - Echo-Art  Forum YANAKA,Tokyo. JAPAN
1993.8   Interface / Eros -Prototype-  Gallery Surge,Tokyo. JAPAN
1995.1  Interface / Eros III -IZUTU-  Gallery 16, Kyoto JAPAN
1997.1   Interface / Eros IV -The Annunciation- Gallery 16, Kyoto JAPAN
1998.5   Breathing I Gallery 16, Kyoto JAPAN
1998.10 Breathing II Gallery Musokan, Kobe JAPAN
1999.4   BEACON 1. room1 2. room2   Chukyo University Art Gallery C-SQUARE, Nagoya JAPAN
2000.9   The Practice of Respiration Gallery Surge,Tokyo JAPAN
2004.1   BEACON 2004 Osaka Seikei University Art Gallery SpaceB, Kyoto, JAPAN    
2005.10 CIRCULATION - circulation of Breathing Gallery Musokan, Kobe
2006.8   The Dream of the Forest -To the Forest of Memory Aomori Contemporary Art Center ,Aomori ,JAPAN
2006.10 CHRONOGRAPH -7Photographs - Luce Verude open space - Luce Verude open space ,Matuyama ,JAPAN
2010.4   MODERATE FALLING   Gallery 16, Kyoto JAPAN 
Group Exitibition
1984.3  THE QUARTER FINAL   ”Kyoto Independent"
      Kyoto Municipal Museum of Art .Kyoto .JAPAN
1986.3   The Dream of Actaeon  ”Kyoto Independent"
      Kyoto Municipal Museum of Art .Kyoto .JAPAN
1987.3  Hoichi --Story and Study-- ”Kyoto Independent" Kyoto Municipal Museum of Art .Kyoto .JAPAN
1989.3   PLAY-ROOM ”Kyoto Independent" Kyoto Municipal Museum of Art .Kyoto .JAPAN
1991.10  STOLEN BODIES3   "A CABINET OF SIGNS" Tate Gallery Liverpool .Liverpool U.K
1991.12  STOLEN BODIES4  "A CABINET OF SIGNS" White chapel Art Gallery. London U.K
1992.3   STOLEN BODIES5  "A CABINET OF SIGNS" Malmo Konst hall,  Malmo SWEDEN
1995.5   Pendulum "1995 Kyoto Art Festival" Basement of Elementary School named "Tatuike" Kyoto JAPAN
1995.8   INNOCENT BABIES " The 6th Fukui International Video Biennale        
1.Burial  Fukui Prefectural Art Museum, Fukui JAPAN
2.Libraly  Fukui Prefectural Libraly, Fukui JAPAN
1995.10  Pendulum II   "NowHere"  A Site of Factory "Schellens Textile" ,Eindhoven . Netherlands
1996.6  Pendulum III   "Twelve Environments Preparing for a Recovery of Roots"  A Room of Akasaka ElementarySchool Tokyo JAPAN
1999.8   Breathing III "COLLABORATION ART" Fukushima Prefectural .Museum of Art, Fukushima.JAPAN
2001.4   Repetition -I dreamed- "THree-MInutes Silence--- " Jussi Square Tokyo JAPAN
2001.6   BEACON "Techno-Landscape" NTT Inter Communication Center .Tokyo JAPAN
2002.1   STOLEN BODIE1991 "Art and Medicine" NTT Inter Communication Center .Tokyo JAPAN
2005.7   CIRCULATION -circulation of Breath- +Breathing "The Art of Berthing in the world Art and Respiration" KAWAMURA MEMORIAL MUSEUM Sakura.JAPAN