Exhibition Joung, Young Doo -to move a mountain-

Sat. 8 Apr. 2023 - Sat. 22 Apr. 2023 14:00-19:00 (Close:Wed. and Fri.)

  • Opening reception: Sat. 8 Apr. 17:00-(500JPY with one drink )

Image Reproduction

"Recently, I spent three months living near the mountains, and I found myself naturally memorizing their shapes as I observed them frequently. These mountainous shapes were imprinted in my mind, and they were enough to make me feel the magnificence of nature. I was in awe of the breathtaking beauty that surrounded me. It's difficult to express in words the feeling of being overwhelmed by wonder when appreciating nature.

Out of all the shapes of nature, I'm particularly drawn to the organic and amorphous forms. These shapes interpret the natural flow of lines in a sensitive way. I'm not merely trying to reproduce or copy some of the forms of nature. Rather,

I want to express the forms of nature that I remember as new images through.

Joung, Young Doo / 정 영두
2016   Hongik University Graduate school, Sculpture, Master’s degree.
2012 University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Sculpture, BFA
Solo Exhibition
2022 <Hello, Paradise>, Knot gallery
2018 <공간의 사유>, 아트랩반
Group Exhibition
2020   <아르상점, 겨울>, 공간칠일
2020 <더블아트크리스마스에디션展>, LG U+마곡사옥
2020 <등산하는 예술가>, 고덕산
2020 <숨, 쉬는 시간展>, 송정커피
2020 <hey, come on>, 6인 기획전, 공간칠일
2020 <Border Line>, 4인 기획전, 공간칠일
  And more