Exhibition KISHIMOTO Saori "Desire of electric pole"

"CAS prize" in Art Shower 2012, CASO

Sun. 21 Jul. 2013 - Sat. 10 Aug. 2013 14:00-19:00 (Close:Tues. and Wed.)

  • Opening reception: Sun. 21 Jul. 17:00~(500JPY with one drink )
  • Artist Talk : Sat.7 10 Sug. 2013 16:00~(500JPY)

I have been fascinated to the intensity of the electric poles or steel tower as a "thing".Because it will be reminded of the presence fell out in the daily life of "place".I think it is, and it kind of self-consciousness that would have been lost by us to adapt to modern civilization.I am a daily life, I draw that you wavering while having a longing to where it conflicts with current whereabouts. And I will attempt to re-thinking about the possibilities in front of the "things" of "place".

Born[9.26] 1988, in Hyogo,Japan
Began Graduate School in 2011 at Kyoto Seika University of Art
Solo Exhibitions
2010 “Vector”/Kyoto Seika Univiersity (Kyoto)
2011 “presentiment of mass”/Prinz (Kyoto)
Guroup Exhibitions
2010 “ARTCOM2010”Keihanna memorial park (Kyoto)
2010 “Art and Critique2010-Extension-“/eian University of Art And Design gallery art site (Shiga)
2010 “Vector”Kyoto Seika University (Kyoto)
2011 “Sound of the ground and the where abouts of a line”Gallery TUKIYO TO SYONEN (Osaka)
2011 “ARTCOM2011-UTSUSOMINO-”Keihanna memorial park (Kyoto)
2012 “SHIIki -a field of vision-”Kyoto Seika University (Kyoto)
2012 “Art shower”Gallery Caso (Osaka)
2012 “Inflence”GALLERY FLEUR (Kyoto)
2013 Poetry is drawn after science”Kyoto Seika University (Kyoto)