Exhibition HARU TO SYURA mental sketch modified -Jimin Chun /KAWAMURA Motonori

Selected by HASEGAWA Arata(curator)

Sat. 15 Jun. 2013 - Sat. 6 Jul. 2013 14:00-19:00 (Close:Tues. and Wed.)
  • Opening reception: Sat. 15 Jun. 17:00-(500JPY with one drink )
  • Artist Talk : Sat. 6 Jul. 16:00-(500JPY)
         KAWAMURA Motonori, HASEGAWA Arata, MAEDA Yuya
work Jimin Chun
work KAWAMURA Motonori

Both Jimin Chun and Kawamura Motonori are artists who use "daily items". Their artworks apparently looks alike, and their ways of expression―namely "installation"―have taken root in this country fo these 20 years.These two artists, however, are far apart to say the same. Jimin makes up her own memory and emotion through daily commodities, drawings, memos and diaries. Kawamura, on the other hand, refuses to give some meanings to items he assorts. There is a thin line between them, and the tenuity is perhaps boundless beyond our expectation. We hope you'll make sure the tenuity and enjoy the exhibition.

Jimin Chun
2001- 2005

fine art Kyung Won Univ

2006 -2007

fine art(contemporary art), Kyung Won ,MFA


Art&space, Kingston University London, MA (Distinction, first class awared)

Solo Exhibitions
2009 April-May,savage school, window gallery,Bathnal green,London,U.K
2013 Mass of People, Comics& Artists cultural exchange show_Gallery Jung, Korea
2008 Graduat KANAZAWA COLLEGE OF ART, Painting Course