Exhibition SASAOKA Takashi

Sat. 18 Feb. 2012 - Sat. 10 Mar. 2012 14:00-19:00 (Close: Wed. and Thu.)

  • Opening reception: Sat. 18 Feb. 17:00~(500JPY with one drink )
  • Symposium "What a art space should be.":
        Sat. 10 Mar. 16:00~(500JPY)
        SASAOKA Takashi, OKAMOTO Mitsuhiro, artist , MITSUI Tomoyuki, curator, KUNITANI Takashi, artist
  • "Thank you @RT day""Thank you @RT day":We want to hold a symposium on the 10th the next day.

He has work to material phenomena such as light and heat. And create a serene space. "Luminous" "Reflex" His works show a different form the material of everyday urban life, such as fluorescent tubes and floodlights. In the new work "WATER" "Reflex" This exhibition is, use common material, creating apoetic space with a sense of deja vu though it is extraordinary.

1956  Born in Toyama, Japan.
  Lives and works in Osaka, Japan.