Exhibition HIRAMATSU Nobuyuki

Sat. 3 Sep. 2011 - Sat. 24 Sep. 2011 14:00-19:00 (Close:Wed. and Thu.)

  • Artist Talk HIRAMATSU Nobuyuki vs IIDA Yoshino: Sat. 3 Sep. 15:30~(500JPY)
  • Opening reception: Sat. 3 Sep. 17:00~(500JPY with one drink )

He was the National Museum "Space Experiences: Homage to The National Museum of Art, Osaka" work cars lined up on the floor of the room pulling the line, "The National Parking" exhibited. HIRAMATSU Nobuyuki has published many works and installations that combinepre-made ready-made images. But now he would exhibit a sense of homemade footage. Low-tech movie with his own music and video are contrary to his strongmotivation will be inviting the audience a feeling of weakness.