Exhibition Soyoka

Selected by ECHIZEN Toshiya, 
Doshisha University Faculty of letters Associate professor

Sat, 23 Jan. 2010 - Sat, 27 Feb. 2010
Open: 13:00-19:00
(Close: Wed., Thu., Fri.)

  1. Opening reception: Sat.,23 Jan., 18:00-(500Yen with one drink)
  2. Artist Talk: Sat., 30 Jan., 16:00- (500Yen)
ALICE –Field of the Imaginative Body-

I suppose that anyone had an experience to feel “I am not here now,” even though he/she had actually been there at that time. He/she would imagine then that he/she looked down him /herself from the top of the room or looked up from the bottom. Once this imagination started to grow, he/she could hear the second tender voice. “Please enter the wonderland.” Going down through the hole of a hare, according to this voice, he/ she might have to say “ Good-bye to his / her feet”, cause his/her neck grew up second by second. Or he/she might drown at the pond of his/her tears, cause his/her body shrank so small.
Think through the “imaginative body” not by the brain, it is the theme of this exhibition to make works of art.

2003 Graduated Nihonga Course, Kyoto University of Art and Design