Exhibition KUNITANI Takashi/Untitled Series


Selected by YAGI Hiromasa,Curator

Sat, 12 Jul. 2008 - Sat,2 Aug.
Open: 1:00pm-7:00pm
(Close: Wen.,Sun. and National Holidays)
  1. Opening reception: Sat, 12 Jul., 18:00-(500Yen with one drink)
  2. The meeting with Artist: Sat, 26 Jul., 16:00-(2000Yen, Resavation)
1974.12 born in Kyoto, Japan
1997.03 Seian University of Art and Design, Solid forming course graduation
Solo exhibition
1996.10 Exhibition "KUNITANI Takashi" (Cubic Gallery ITEZA/Kyoto)
1997.03 Exhibition "KUNITANI Takashi" (GALLERY SOWAKA/Kyoto)
1998.11 "ARROW/TARGET" (Cubic Gallery ITEZA/Kyoto)
2000.10 "The Day Given from The Heaven" (gallery coco/Kyoto)
2001.10 "Complete your space" (gallery coco/Kyoto)
2002.05 "Complete your space" (GALLERY SEN/Osaka)
2002.10 "Nothing Like Object" (GALLERY SOWAKA/Kyoto)
2003.01 "Sparkle" (gallery coco/Kyoto)
2003.02 "CRITERIUM 54 (Contemporary Art Center/Gallery, ART TOWER MITO/Ibaraki)
2004.06 "What you have known for some time" (gallery coco/Kyoto)
2004.11 "Between Ground And Sky" (YAEMON /Kyoto)
2005.06 "a piece of work: KUNITANI Takashi Exhibition" ( APS /Tokyo)
Group exhibition
1996.03 Exhibition "IBM Biwako Modern paintings" (SEIBU DEPARTMENT STORES/Shiga)
1996.06 Books on Art and Photography "KARADA/Body" (The Third Gallery Aya/Osaka)
1996.09 Art Festival in Tsurugi'96 (Art Street/Ishikawa)
1997.08 THE LIBRARY Instaration (GALLERY SOWAKA/Kyoto)
1998.07 Count Basic (gallery coco/Kyoto)
1999.05 KYOTO ART MAP1999 (gallery coco/Kyoto)
1999.10 Kobe Art Annual'99 (Kobe Art Village Center/Hyogo)
2000.03 Exhibition "OPEN" (Kyoto Station Building/Kyoto)
2001.01 New and powerful selection exhibition of art and craft in Kyoto pref. -2001 new wave- (The Museum of Kyoto/Kyoto)
2002.09 NEW TOWN ART TOWN (Sanyo housing development/Okayama)
2003.05 NEW GENERATION 3 (CASO/Osaka)
2003.09 TAMA VIVANT 2003 (Tama Art University/Tokyo)
2004.01 Premonition -S- (GALLERY SOWAKA/Kyoto)