Selected by ASAI Toshihiro, Curator, Art Tower Mito

14 May - 25 June, 1999
Open: Wed.-Sat. 1:00pm-7:00pm
(Close: Sun.-Tue., National Holliday)
  1. Opening reception: Sat,27 Oct., 18:00-(500Yen with one drink)
  2. Artist Talk: Sat,17 Nov., 16:00- (500Yen)

The gallery, which was previously a one room of a mansion, has returned to being a dwelling space thanks to Tanabe. Tanabe is an artist who has delved deeply into the issue of the relationship between the inner and outer body. In particular, she is now looking at the body from an inorganic perspective - the body as a 'shell' and the body as 'clothing' which covers the insides. A logical consequence of this approach is to relate these to the media of photography. This is because a photograph is a device which use light to strip off the thin coating of the surface of things. However, it is not the case that she creates an inhumane scenes in which the body is symbolised as an object which is thrown out at the consumer society, as was the trend around 1990. Getting involved with her work and getting involved with the people who look at her work, somehow makes one feel that there is an element of healing in her work. That healing is not something which is tied to the traditions of hypocritical humanism, rather it is a paradoxical kind of healing which reflects the present times, arising from the sheer fact that the other person exists only as a 'shell' devoid of intention.

Toshihiro ASAI, Curator, Art Tower Mito