Selected by Yashiko OKUMURA (Modern Art Museum, Wakayama)

26 March - 7 May, 1999
Open: Wed.-Sat. 1:00pm-7:00pm
(Close: Sun.-Tue., National Holliday)
  1. Opening party: Fri.26 March 6:00pm-

Among the many groups which were active in the 1960's JIKAN-HA [Time School] was a particularly radical group of artists. Fuji Tanaka was one of the four members of the group. Through their works they posed the question 'what is time'. It has to be said that their work was not given full recognition for its ability to draw in the audience to participate in the changes and movement of their works. In fact it was the case that many of their works were not even seen now, let alone evaluated. On the other hand, whilst nowadays there are countless examples of works which involve 'participation' the questions raised in the work of JIKAN-HA [Time School] works, which can be called the forebearers of everything which has come since, have still to be answered. This exhibition provides us with a chance to reconsider a facet of modern art which has been buried for 30 years, waiting to be rediscovered.

Tanaka Fuji
1929 Born in Yamaguchi
1954 Graduated from Art University Musasino
1955 Exhibited at "Yomiuri Independent Exhibition"
1962 Organized 'JIKAN-HA [Time School]' with Sio Nakazawa, Mikio Doi,and Syouzou Nagano
1962 "JIKAN-HA [Time School]" Satou Gallery
1963 "The Second Exhibition of JIKAN-HA [Time School]" Mime Gallery.
"GIGI" Asahi Hall
"The Third Exhibition of JIKAN-HA [Time School]" Shinjuku Art Theater
1965 "The Week of Muse" Modern Art Center of Japan
1966 "'Artist Today' Exhibition" Yokohama Citizens' Gallery
1981 "Solo Exhibition" Sony Building,Tokyo
1982 "The Space of Our Time '82" Sony Building,Tokyo
1996 "Emits Light, Moves, Makes Noises" The Museum of Modern Art,Wakayama

He died in 2007. Please accept our sincere condolences on his death.