Exhibition TOYOSHIMA Yasuko


Exhibition TOYOSHIMA Yasuko Curated by TOYOSHIMA Yasuko(Artist)

Date: 28 Aug.(Sat)--25 Sep.(Sat), 2004
Open: (Mon-Sat) 1:00pm-7:00pm
Close: Sundays and National Holidays

  • Opening Reception Party:
    28 Aug.(Sat), from 6:00pm- (500Yen with one drink)
  • Artist Talk:
    Artist Talk,`What's curation?': TOYOSHIMA Yasuko VS. YAGI Hiromasa(The Suiboku Museum, Toyama)
    18 Sep.( Sat), from 4:00pm- (800Yen)
Button Hole 2001-

Depicted People 2001-

restoraion 2003-

restoraion 2003-

The thing that anyone can remenber as an repulsive approaching action against the force form the world around him or her is the action as an child. We all have the impetus to modify the things received from outer world and adjust them to our each gauge. Take an example, saying for me. I always have an impetus to throw balls away -I wanted to throw away all the things only if it is round-, part strung beads, and uncover all the covered things - huring a globe, smashing round dishes at the floor, parting necklaces away, and tearing the dolls' clothes.

I have created my works featuring bike wheels, buttonholes, portrates of criminals, templates, dishes, eggshells, rice crackers, ife insurance and, origami. By these my works, I aim to express the above 'impetus' leading to finding other ways that the object exists other than the way as it is at present.

My Feb., 2000 exhibition at CAS is composed of my works from 1996 to 2000. This exhibition is to be consist of my aspiring works from 2001 to 2004 with my long-term work,' mini-investment' online potifolio from 1996.

The title, [SAKUHIN KAISETSU] means an approaching method by using self-expression as one of the things already exisitng in this world. The thing doing this in this exhibition is `ME`. This attitude may be against the CAS policy, however, even this contrasiciton can, I believe, be included the will to try to extend the possibility of understanding the balance between 'existing' and 'alternative' -that is what I am eager to express in this exhibition.

-Toyoshima Yasuko

Traslated by ISHIKAYA Yukiko

1967 born in Saitama Prefecture, Japan

Received MFA at Tokyo National University of Fine Art and Music

Solo Exhibition
2003 Restoration, M gallery, Tochigi

Zlantno Oko,Novi Sad. Yugoslavia


Depicted People, M Gallery, Tochigi .

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