Exhibition "FAITH"


Exhibition "FAITH" Curator: Carol Ho(Artist) Coordinator: Seki Sumiko (Artist)

Supported by British Council

Part1 1 Mar. - 19 Mar. Katarina Ivanisin, Kate Palmer, Mark Pearson
Part2 22 Mar. - 10 Apr. Claire Pestaille, Emi Avora, SEKI Sumiko
Part3 12 Apr. - 1 May. Carol Ho, Sharon Leahy Clark, Simon Leahy Clark
Open: Man.-Sat. 1:00pm-7:00pm (Close: Sun. and National Holidays)
  • Opening reception : Mon, 1 Mar., 18:00- (500Yen with one drink)
  • Artist Talk 1 Sat. 3 Apr. 16:00- (800YEN)
    "Art scene in London" SEKI Sumiko vs. INAGAKI Tomoko(Artist)
  • Artist Talk 2 Sat. 17 Apr. 16:00- (800YEN)
    Sharon Leahy Clark vs. Simon Leahy Clark,
    Navigator NAKAI Yasuyuki(The National Museum of Art, Osaka)

Setup(11 Apr.)
The aim of this exhibition is to show the diverse works of a group of London based young artists who approach painting with a new attitude to explore old questions of painting and try to find new resolutions. The content of their works are all different and incorporate, in varying degrees, abstraction, figuration, landscape and conceptual painting. Yet, far from contradicting each other, their works complement and respond to each other in ways that demonstrate the variety of directions which are now possible for those of us who have faith in contemporary "pluralist" painting.

Carol Ho

Emi Avora

Emi Avora makes paintings based on images of property leaflets and magazine adverts to explore a psychological space between reality and fiction.

Carol Ho

Carol Ho While conventional figurative painters try hard to capture the physical differences of their models, Carol's work simply shifts the viewers gaze to the clothes and hair; which might reflect the fact that our individual differences are diminished by what we wear.
Katarina Ivanisin

Katrina Ivanisin The 'cityscape' series is based on the photographs of the same view from Katarina's bedroom window in her hometown Dubrovnik. The view is of the medieval city so splendidly set within an idyllic Mediterranean landscape, but due to its past and recent violent and fractured history these snapshots, at the same time, depict scenes of the place charged with history and memory. The snapshots are reconstructed from torn newspaper and high-gloss magazine images, carriers of collective memory, as such linking personal and shared histories.
Kate Palmer

Kate Palmer uses process to create complex abstract kinetic spaces. The work evolves in a fluid and responsive way where singularities, orseries of sudden detached and intended events, destabilise the eye and occur within indeterminate space.
Mark Pearson

Mark Pearson's work is an abstract approach to making paintings which are representational of Nature's universal structures - a kind of 'natural formalism'. His 'Surface Tension' series relies on the intrinsic disparity between water-based paint and the traditional canvas support.
Claire Pestaille

Claire Pastaille's work explores dualities of beauty and bestial, hedonism and horror, romanticism and disenchantment, excess and loss within traditional genres of high art historical painting. Through the reinvention of the identity of an Old Master, her intervention intends to extend and disturb the given narrative and history of the original, elaborating and drawing out dualities, absurdities and hidden meanings within a subversive vision.
Sharon Leahy Clark

Sharon Leahy-Clark's finger paintings are formed from intense, repetitive finger-marks. All contact with the painting - paint marks and finger prints are left visible. The painted areas of canvas, like small tears, offer only a small glimpse of the story, the blank canvas holds the secret to the whole story.
Simon Leahy Clark

Simon Leahy-Clark used non-art materials sourced from everyday life to explore the boundaries within the tradition of painting. His "Bubble Gums Series" and "Newspaper Series" comment on our daily consumption of information through the popular press.
SEKI Sumiko

Sumiko Seki's paintings show a combination of both photography and painting. The background of her paintings are unfocused photographs which represent an artificial reality, and she painted flowers on the top in a various stages of decay to portray the passing of time and transience of life.

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