Exhibition MIYANAGA Aiko


MIYANAGA Aiko, Selected by YAGI Hiromasa ,The Suiboku Museum, Toyama

1 Sep. - 4 Oct.,2003 Open: Man.-Sat. 1:00pm-7:00pm (Close: Sun. and National Holidays)

  • Opening reception: Mon, 1 Sep, 18:00- (500Yen with one drink)
  • Talk (MIYANAGA vs YAGI : Sat, 13 Sep, 16:00- (800Yen)
Photo MIYANAGA Aiko,who had been presenting her early work by using veins extracted from leaves, is developing her work which presents a change of states with time passing, using chemicals such as, naphtalene or silica gel. The consistent theme is 'passage of time'. The work of veins were founded on idea to let viewers imagine the passing time. While, the latest naphtalene or silica gel works signify the actual change of states.
Naphtalene, which was moulded into clothes or butterflies, 'sublimates' in exhibition period, and at last, disappears. Yet, as it is a chemical which never sublimates quickly before our eyes and comes to an end moderately, so that we only 'imagine' how it has changed or will change. In that sense, the work presents 'passage', but never tells the 'passage' directly. There certainly exist viewer's imaginations.
To let us imagine 'invisible' time, she chose for its object to mould something familiar to us in everyday life. This exhibition presents 'naphtalene footwares' which were moulded with worn-out footwares. Footwares, which were chosen only by chance, but are to walk together with us for some time. It would be a symbolic relationship between those footwares and our trace. The past reality, which was left on our trace, would be more likely to give a future by disapperaring.

YAGI Hiromasa
(Translated by FUKUDA Ami)

1974 Born in Kyoto
1999 Kyoto University of Art and Design, Sculpture course graduation

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