Exhibition CAS Academy Awards 2004


CAS Academy Awards 2004

Sat,5 Jun. 2004 - Sat,3 Jul. Open: Man.-Sat. 1:00pm-7:00pm (Close: Sun. and National Holidays)

  • Opening reception: Sat,5 Jun., 18:00- (500Yen with one drink)
  • Symposium : Sat, 26 Jun, 16:00- (800Yen)

IMAI Norio (Professor, Seian University of Art and Design)
AMANO Kazuo (Assistant professor, Kyoto University of Art and Design)
MITSUI Tomoyuki (Assistant Curator, Osaka City Museum of Modern Art (Planning Office))
SASAOKA Takashi (Artist)


This award is competition of art video. And, as for the student(and graduate student) of the fine arts university(and college) and the people who graduated it in this year, it can apply to that.

The exhibition work does not have theme, and length of those works is within 10 minutes.

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