Exhibition "CAS Academy Awards"


" CAS Academy Awards " By the fine arts university student the short video competition
13 May.- 20 Jun. Open: Man.-Thr. 1:00pm-7:00pm (Close: Fri.,Sat.,Sun. and National Holidays)

Supported by the Consulate General of Netherlands in Osaka-Kobe and Osaka Prefectural Government

  • Opening reception: Mon, 13 May, 18:00- (500Yen with one drink) at CAS
  • Symposium: 18 May. 14:00- ( the acceptance persons & the guest participate)
    At the Osaka prefectural cultural Information Center "SAIKAKU hole" (500 Yen participation expenses)

These works are screened on June 20th in the TENT.

DM Pict

This award includes the attending raw (main year March graduate of the art * fine arts university) is competition of the video art which is done in the object. As for present video art with the evolution and digitalization of the photographing equipment and material, broadcast industry not being professional also high grade, is becoming easy to make the High quality works. In addition digital bidirectional conversion is advanced regarding the TV, our image environment has changed suddenly. There are times when the talent where purpose of this award stares the image environment where those change, is young is excavated. In addition, in Holland & Rotterdam that it is advanced in the image work, the between Japan and Holland being international by introducing the young Japanese artist, expecting also that it builds up the network of the pliant art scene simultaneously, it does.

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