Exhibition TOKUDA Noriki and YOKOMIZO Miyuki


Group Exhibition
TOKUDA Noriki and YOKOMIZO Miyuki
Selected by OKAMOTO Yoshie , curator, Hiroshima Cty Museum of Modern Art

Exhibition: 12 Mar - 12 Apr, 2001 Open: Mon.-Thu. 1:00pm-7:00pm (Close: Fri.-Sun., National Holliday)

  • Opening reception: Mon, 12 Mar, 6:00-8:00pm (500Yen with one drink)
  • Performance by Noriki TOKUDA: Sat., 3 Mar, 5:00pm- (Resevation required) (800Yen)
  • Artist Talk, by Noriki TOKUDA, Yoshie OKAMOTO, Takashi SASAOKA(Director, CAS): Sat., 24 Mar, 4:00-6:00pm(800Yen)

The Boy from the West / the Girl from the East - by Yoshie OKAMOTO

The non-profit contemporary-art space CAS situates in a room of a green-filled apartment, itself a building constructed by "Urban Life Creation (an association which aims to plan their own urban living space)". The exhibition is organized with an intention to pursue the possibility of recovering our bodies in the artificial everyday life.
Noriki TOKUDA, born and living in Kansai area, creates a space of fragrance by pasting slices of soaps onto windows and floors. He keeps trying to resume native human senses by bringing in the smell to the arts field where vision is regarded important.
The counter-part of this collaboration, Miyuki YOKOMIZO, is born in Tokyo and now lives in Nagano. Her installation consists of plastic-made fake soaps put into vinyl tubes and hung down from the ceiling, and as this work attracted attention she became remarkably active since 1997. This is her first show in Kansai area.
Soaps are, in a sense, materials so common and intimate to our bodies, but on the other hand they are something extremely artificial, including their fragrance. TOKUDA fills the space with this smell, and the counter-part YOKOMIZO by her installation of artificially figured soap-like objects seems to wraps the spectators' bodies with a veil.
TOKUDA in his new attempt pastes slices of soaps on a fully-naked woman's body -- a new project entitled "The Door to Enlightenment - The Fragrance of Difenceless Skin -". This new project is recorded by video and photographs, which will be displayed with YOKOMIZO's installation "Please wash away".
I hope that this collaboration of the two artists and the space created by them, questioning various elements surrounding the body, will serve as an occasion to resume acute senses of the visitors.

(translated by OGAWA Tomoko)

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