Exhibition TSUJI Kazumi


Selected by Hiromasa YAGI, curator, The Museum of Modern Art , Toyama
12 Jan - 24 Feb, 2001 Open: Wed.-Sat. 1:00pm-7:00pm (Close: Sun.-Tue., National Holidays)

  • Opening reception: Fri, 12 Jan, 6:00-8:00pm
  • Artist Talk(in Japanese): Sat, 17 Feb, 4:00-6:00pm, Party 6:00-7:00pm

My works are created based on what I touch and feel in my daily life. They reflect my views and ideas like a mirror. Although they have a secondary nature, my works are the products of what I see through my creative activities. The creative activities I am engaged in are essential to the visualization of my works.

Now I am creating works with the theme of "distortion in modern society". After World War II, it was the target of our parent's generation to catch up with or overtake American prosperity. However, what did their efforts result in? Now, Japan seems to be a wealthy country but we have worries about our future. Japanese money has given rise to numbed, spoiled and mentally distorted children. Their cold hearts have led them astray. The children of my generation who cannot be independent or do not want to be independent commit crimes with no sense of wrong. There is a lot of discrimination around us. A lack of love might be the cause. People escape from reality in order to be healed. We worry about our environment although it seems safe. Commonness and uncommonness exist simultaneously.

All of these concerns are applicable to myself.

Recently I found an element of modern distortion in myself. I live not being faithful to myself. This is because I have learned that this way of living may save me from unseen pressures in society. I want to be loved, regarded as a good person, admired, and do not want to anger people. I cannot get away from the Japanese idea that it is more important to harmonize with others than to preserve one's originality as a human being. As a Japanese who will continue to live in this country I am presented with a dilemma between my cultural identity and private self.

To create a work of art for me is to fight against reality and escape from it. However, through this process of struggle and escape I can find hope, keep my balance, and return to my true self.


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